Pre Alpha Preview: 0.3 – New Additions, Changes, and Fixes.

There was a lot of broken when it came to the Dualshock 4 in version 0.2. That mainly, was because I had no access to one… until now. I went ahead and fixed the button setup for all devices. Amongst this, I wanted to do my best to deliver full solid updates on a monthly basis. In turn, having a helping hand will do the game wonders. Sometimes it may not be possible to own every device. Therefore, hearing questions, feedback, and bugs from the community will help shift things much faster. Each month I will offer up a preview of what is most likely to come. If you prefer hearing more up to the date information, you can follow the Public Roadmap . Below you can see everything there is to on the next update.

NEW Additions or Changes in Pre Alpha 0.3

Custom Key Binding. The options menu will be opened up with this section exclusively. You can assign any keys or buttons you want as long as they do not conflict with other actions.

– I will have designed a portrait for the first character, and it will replace the ship image in the load menu as well.

– Added specific UI Images for XBOX 360 controllers to be seperate from Xbox One controllers.

– The first enemy! YAY!

– Also the first taste of some puzzle mechanics.

– Change letters under characters status panel to images.

– Add a shortcut or end to the demo upon losing all your lives, so it doesn’t just end up going a hault.

– Change the delete system to a dialog confirmation box.

Fixes in Pre Alpha 0.3

– Fixed inputs for Dualshock 4.


For more information on future releases, or the ever changing features list… check out the Public Roadmap.


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