Preorder FAQ’s
How do they work?

It works by balancing its price, so there is less of a risk. In the Pre-Alpha stages of the game, I will offer it for just $4.99. Alpha and Beta will then be raised to $9.99 and $14.99 respectively, while the Final Release will be $19.99. This is done for anyone who would love to help fund the game, but feels the risk early on.

Can I get a refund?

There is a 15 day window to ask for a refund. After that, I can no longer refund them. The whole purpose of this pre-order system, was to help fund and release the games, while offering it at a better price on your end. Money needs to be used to put into it's production.

Is Unbound Universe the only product available?

For now, yes. Eventually I will offer pre-orders on things such as the soundtrack and other goodies. Right now, things should remain as simple as possible.

When is the release date?

Right now, Unbound Universe is scheduled for a Winter 2015 release date. Though, as I am only in pre-alpha, that is just my best guess. Could be sooner or later. I will update this when I have a more solid answer.

Where will the game be available to download?

Initially it will be released to any pre-order participants, who buy from this website, through an emailed download link. This copy will be DRM Free. If we can get on Steam Greenlight (at any point), I will offer a free Steam Key for download as well.

Will there be alpha or betas available to play?

I will offer something playable in different stages. It won't be the same levels or stories as the game itself, to prevent spoilers from being ruined for the final product. I would love to give you a feel for how the game works though, and to test out the kinks in them. Feel free to send an email if you have comments or suggestions.