Unbound Universe – Pre-Alpha Demo (Build 0.2.0)


Today, I have released the very first demo for Unbound Universe. This is only the beginning to a long journey that I hope you will share, and help with. I want to make this the best game possible, and I know I can’t do that completely with out some good testing. For now, this is a much more basic version of the game, that may at the moment be lacking in content, though I assure you I have done everything I can see with my own equipment, to make it bug free. You can download the demo below, for Windows, Mac, or Linux. All 3 versions come in either 32 or 64 bit. If you would like to report a bug, you can send an email over on the contacts page.

Windows (32Bit)Windows (64Bit)
Mac OS X (32Bit)Mac OS X (64Bit)
Linux (32Bit)Linux (64Bit)

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