Life and Style Media

Life and Style Media, LLC. is a game development company located in Cleveland, Ohio, that is owned by Jason Jones, and accented by Nick McKinnis. In an effort to strengthen the gaming community, Life and Style Media vows to make games that can be enjoyed by many different age groups, and people of different interests. From open world adventures, to smaller social games, the objective is to make the most polished thought out experiences, that have a sense of heart, passion, and excitement.

We're currently working on a new game called Stargider, that is a 2D Pixel Art Action Adventure, and heavily influenced by Buddhism and Quantum Physics, with a few ounces of horror involved. There isn't much we want to show right now, but we may have a trailer of some sort coming at some point this year. We may be toying around with some smaller releases. Expect many games to reach all sorts of platforms in the future. IOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and eventually consoles.

Jason Jones

Titles: Owner, Project Director, Programmer, Artist, Music and Effects, Social Media.

Favorite Games: Chrono Trigger, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Final Fantasy VI, Super Smash Bros, Mega Man X2, WWF No Mercy.

Background: Coming soon...

Nick McKinnis

Titles: Project Director, Music and Effects, Writer, Customer Service

Favorite Games: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, and Dark Souls.

Background: Coming soon...